E-commerce trends in Pakistan

E-commerce Trends in Pakistan

Statistically, Pakistan stands 46th with regards to E-Commerce with a revenue of US $4 Billion as of 2020. With the pandemic hitting the world, a whopping 90 percent increase was witnessed giving a global growth rate of 29%. This was mainly due to the movement of shoppers to the online forum to shop since the physical shopping was impossible in the implemented lockdowns worldwide.
Also, the upward class movement especially in the East and South East Asia has propelled the online shopping market. In Pakistan, 19% of the total population has bought at least one article online in 2020.

The fashion industry has done really well in the e-commerce nationally with the capture of 68% market share. Gulahmed being the king and Khaadi following the suit. Both have dominated the e-commerce  fashion market inside Pakistan with their awe-striking revenues of US $62 Million and US $36 Million in 2020 respectively.
Also, electronics and media grabbed 13%, Food and personal care 10% and furniture and appliances and toys the remaining share.

It is expected that e-commerce market will keep on showing upward trends in the next few years with a moderate-audience market.

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