E-commerce university in Pakistan

E-Commerce University Being Set Up: PM Aide

The Special Assistant to PM on E-Commerce Sector Mr. Aon Abbas Buppi has revealed that Government is planning to establish an E-Commerce university given the rising trend of e-commerce both locally and worldwide. It would not only help the traders work in Pakistan but would help them enhance their potential for the international industry.

Establishment of E-commerce university is actually intended for the youth mainly since they are the primary age group indulged in e-commerce resulting in their upliftment economically and upward trend in exports also.

Also, for the controls to subside the illegal trade in this sector, help is sought from Chinese conglomerate Ali Baba which would help ensure transparency.

The prime minister is very positive in this regard and the government plans to raise the volume of e-commerce from $4.5 Billion currently to around $9 Billion by 2023. Moreover, Mr. Buppi also ensured that the State Bank regulations and tax issues would be taken care of. Government will actually facilitate the traders in doing business smoothly.

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