most funded startups of Pakistan

Top Funded Startups in Pakistan

Pakistan, being one of the rapidly developing and emerging economies within Asia, is having seemingly low investment in the various startup ecosystem. Given that, we have listed some of the most funded startups of Pakistan ranked as total funding from the past few years till this year 2021.

Airlift (109 million USD)

Airlift Express Logo

Airlift is an online service app that is used for booking the shuttle service and was founded in 2018. It provides intra-city shuttle services on the fixed routes with fixed prices. It has several features such as in-app payments, real-time tracking, credit point earnings, and more. This mobile application can run on both iOS and Android devices. The recent development of this application to acquire funding is to penetrate doorstep grocery delivery.

Daraz. pk (55.4 Million USD) logo

Daraz is one of the biggest online marketplaces based in Pakistan. The project was first initialized in 2012, but by 2018, it was then acquired by Alibaba Group from where the project received 50 Million USD as funding that could help the project to expand business in different regions. (29 Million USD) logo

This project was initialized and co-founded by two brothers in Pakistan named, Imran Ali and Zeeshan Ali. This allows the investors to invest in the real estate business. Not only investment can be made through but people can also buy, rent, sell their properties anywhere in major cities within Pakistan. To this date, has raised 29 Million USD.

Tajir (18.9 Million USD)

tajir logo

Tajir is a startup for small businesses that come under B2B marketplaces in Pakistan. This project was first initialized in 2018 by two brothers Babar khan and Ismail from the city of Lahore. This app-based marketplace is used to buy the products and supplies for small businesses such as (Kiryana stores). Through this app, small business sellers get their products within 24 hours.

Bykea (18.7 Million USD)

bykea logo

It is an online platform that helps the rider to book a ride from one place to another on a two-wheeler vehicle on-demand. Other than this, Bykea offers services such as food, grocery, medicine delivery services. Customers can place an order by adding pickup and drop locations. On order confirmation, the customer can also track their delivery status in real-time.

Finja (15.6 Million USD)

finja logo

This is an application that provides AI-driven digital wallet for both business and consumer payments. It has the features to transfer funds, bill payments, acceptance of digital payments, mobile top-ups, business procedure monitoring, loan applications, and also digital banking.

Dawai (14 Million USD) logo

As the name suggests, it is an app that provides online services for purchasing and delivering healthcare products and medicines. All of the products available to be delivered through this platform are homeopathic supplements, herbal products, personal care, and medical equipment.

Lab cloud (10 Million USD)

labcloud logo

It is a web-based platform that is used by the management systems in pathological labs to be able to manage their data online. Through this platform, patients can immediately connect with the management of the lab to get services at their home and also assist in viewing their medical test reports at home.

Cheetay (9.8 Million USD)

cheetay logo

Cheetay is knowingly the most favorable online retailer platform for multi-category goods and products based in Lahore. Its catalog comprises skin, cosmetics, body and hair care essentials, as well as books. Other than this, Cheetay is famous for food delivery services in Pakistan where the platform has partnered with some of the restaurants. Its products are from different brands, such as Jimmy Choo, Loreal, Revlon, etc.

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